NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Tech stocks were on the minds of viewers Monday morning when they posed their questions to TheStreet's Jim Cramer on Twitter(TWTR) - Get Report starting with a question about how low does Intel(ALTR) - Get Report stock have to go before it becomes a buy. Cramer noted that Intel is now deeply connected to the economies in Asia and he believes that the company's acquisition of Altera(ALTR) - Get Report will ultimately be a good one. Buy it around $25 or $26 a share, he said.

Asked for his thoughts on T-Mobile US(TMUS) - Get Report Cramer praised the aggressive nature of its president and CEO, John Legere, adding that he would not want to bet against Legere and would like to own T-Mobile stock.  His advice: "Buy some, let it come in, and then buy some more."

Ahead of Gilead's (GILD) - Get Report earnings this week, a viewer asked if the stock's price surge is about to reverse. Cramer said the answer to that question lies with Biogen(BIIB) - Get Report. He explained that Biogen "destroyed" the rest of the biotech group by creating a lot of hope that turned out to be just hype. Cramer predicts that Gilead will report a good quarter, but unless they announce both a monster buyback and an acquisition -- a tall order -- he doesn't believe investors will want to own it heading into the results unless the stock is down a significant amount.

Cramer also weighed in on ExxonMobil(XOM) - Get Report, which he said is going to be bad. In his view, Exxon needs to drill on Wall Street by buying some companies. Overall, he believes it's a bad time for the typically conservative company.

Finally, a viewer noted that PayPal (PYPL) - Get Report is down and asked if this is a buying opportunity. Absolutely, said Cramer. He explained that the market is heavily levered to China and the Federal Reserve right now, which is why stocks in general are falling -- but PayPal is not directly connected to either. The market is giving investors a break on buying PayPal right now, he concluded.

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