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The market may not instantly reward

Best Buy

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for what it's doing. Yet, it is clear that even when Best Buy is fighting a company that's fire-saling product --

Circuit City

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-- the profitability is still there for this great retailer. In fact,

this quarter may be the benchmark for what a

best-of-breed retailer can do.

I think that what will sift through the quarter is a little


. You can see plenty not to like.

But the only real takeaway is that this company has immense profitability in a most challenging environment of falling home values, a lack of people moving house and a vicious wounded competitor. It will take a long time for Circuit City to collapse, though, because it still has $4 per share in cash.

Would I buy Best Buy here? Sure. Just don't expect much until Circuit City is finished blinking. But this BBY stock is beginning to remind me of

J.C. Penney

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( FD) decided to consolidate with May. You got a very big move




the collapse of the competitor. The same could be happening here without a problem.

Random musings:

I hope you enjoy tonight's "Mad Money" from Indiana University, which is a great school. My guest -- and IU alum -- Mark Cuban and I disagree on investing, could be some fireworks. Always is with Cuban.

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