NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Twitter (TWTR) - Get Report has been atwitter with questions regarding China. One viewer asked Jim Cramer about Baidu (BIDU) - Get Report, the Chinese Internet company that released disappointing second quarter results on Monday, along with a poor outlook for the second half of the year.

"Baidu had one of the worst quarters I've ever seen," Cramer said, claiming that the company's conference call post earnings report "was just a jumble" and "a horrendous call." Cramer, who answered viewers' Twitter (TWTR) - Get Report questions from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, said he thinks the Chinese government is going to try and let the air out of the balloon slower and that it knows it made big mistakes with the stock market. "They know they can't keep it up," Cramer said, in reference to China's government and the country's stock market.

With Facebook's (FB) - Get Reportearnings slated for Wednesday, viewers asked Cramer about the social media giant's prospects. Cramer said his view has unfortunately been set by analysts who have their expectations so high that unless Facebook does a major blowout quarter, "the stock is going to get hammered." 

Another viewer asked whether the most recent quarter was important for UPS (UPS) - Get Report given that a lot of its business comes from the holiday season. Cramer said that this quarter does matter, because "this is a quarter that shows they got their act together, that Europe's really good, and the stock got oversold." Cramer says that he thinks "UPS has figured it out" and that he thinks the stock is still a buy even at its current price.

Switching gears, Cramer answered questions about AGCO (AGCO) - Get Report, the agricultural equipment manufacturer, after its earnings beat. Cramer found it interesting that AGCO bought a ton of stock while it waited for the agriculture cycle to turn around. "It is the right thing to do," Cramer said. He noted that on the short term, AGCO has been saying that things are bad. However, on the long term, consumers all need to eat, which explains why AGCO has been buying stock, Cramer said.

Chevron (CVX) - Get Report, which is scheduled to report its earnings Friday morning, may be like watching a slow-moving train crash. Cramer said he thinks "Chevron is going to report a truly awful quarter" and that "there is no reason to be there." However, he noted that if Exxon (XOM) - Get Report "makes its stand at $80," he thinks that "we're going to be buyers of the oils, not sellers."

Lastly, Cramer answered a question on ConocoPhillips (COP) - Get Report, to which he replied, "with a 5.6% dividend, you kind of feel pretty good about Conoco." But Cramer added he does want to see what Exxon has to report.  If you have a stock question, tweet it @jimcramer using #CramerQ.