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Tuesday and late Monday, Jim Cramer responded to a new batch of questions posed by members of the Stockpickr community. Anybody can ask, respond or comment at Stockpickr Answers; the top responders get ranked in our "Top Analysts" section.

Here are a few of the questions Jim responded to:

  • I just saw that Morningstar.com ratings has raised Sears Holdings (SHLD) to a 5 star rating. Part of their new valuation is based on the "Lampert Premium," the brands and the real estate. It's about time people are starting to realize that Eddie Lampert is one of the most valuable parts of Sears. Thoughts?
  • I'm a 26-year-old frequent visitor of this site and have learned a lot from reading Jim's books and watching "Mad Money." I'd like to start with a basket of 5 stocks and have approx $7,000 to get started with. Do you think this is enough to start or should I wait until I have $10,000? I would most likely open an account with TD Ameritrade for the 45 days of free trades to help lower my cost basis. I'm looking at some of the following: Citigroup, XTO Energy, Goldman Sachs, American Express, Bank of America, Nike, ConocoPhillips and Corning.
  • What effect(s) will the Capital Lease Funding (LSE) /Borsa Italiana deal have on NYSE Euronext (NYX) ? Did your thesis envision this occurrence, or were you figuring your numbers strictly from just Euronext's ability to generate the higher dollar volume and margins than NYSE can?

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