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The University of Louisville has placed head basketball coach Rick Pitino on unpaid administrative leave after federal investigators revealed yesterday that the school was involved in a student pay-for-play scheme that resulted in 10 arrests from different schools and companies around the country. 

Members of Pitino's staff allegedly funneled as much as $150,000 to a high school recruit in order to convince him to play for the school during the upcoming season.

The NCAA has been routinely criticized for not paying players while simultaneously paying coaches seven-figure annual contracts and hoarding the millions more they get from television deals and merchandising. 

If he is indeed fired, Pitino will relinquish his spot as the country's most well-compensated college basketball coach. 

Here is a list of the top paid college coaches, according to data compiled by USA Today. 

10. Buzz Williams

School: Virginia Tech

Salary: $2,600,000

Max Bonus: $290,000

Total Pay: $2,655,000

9. Scott Drew

School: Baylor 

Salary: $2,813,811

Max Bonus: --

Total Pay: $2,818,811

8. Gregg Marshall

School: Wichita State

Salary: $3,000,000

Max Bonus: $838,000

Total Pay: $3,035,500

7. John Beilein

School: Michigan

Salary: $3,370,000

Max Bonus: $250,000

Total Pay: $3,370,000

6. Bob Huggins

School: West Virginia 

Salary: $3,575,000

Max Bonus: $690,000

Total Pay: $3,590,000

5. Tom Izzo

School: Michigan St.

Salary: $3,582,751

Max Bonus: $350,000

Total Pay: $4,251,751

4. Bill Self

School: Kansas

Salary: $4,752,626

Max Bonus: $525,000

Total Pay: $4,932,626

3. Mike Krzyzewski 

School: Duke

Salary: $5,550,475

Max Bonus: --

Total Pay: $5,550,475

2. John Calipari

School: Kentucky

Salary: $7,140,000

Max Bonus: $50,000

Total Pay: $7,435,376

1. Rick Pitino

School: Louisville

Salary: $5,057,000

Max Bonus: $750,000

Total Pay: $7,769,200