In case you have missed it, China's stock market is booming so far in 2009!

The Far East is off to a roaring start. Investors have moved money into Asian stocks in hopes of a speedy allocation of the region's massive stimulus package ($600 billion, or around 14% of its GDP).

Some early signs that China understands the urgency of implementing the spending sooner rather than later can be seen in the country's bank-lending data. According to


, a record 1.2 trillion yuan ($175 billion) of new loans were made in January. This shows that China isn't hesitating to boost its economy and that it's serious about getting growth back on track.

Since the government announced the stimulus plan on Nov. 9, the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index (and the world's top equity market performer this year) has soared 21%.

What are some other reasons that China is taking off?

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