NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Welcome to the Live Blog of Chelsea Therapeutics' (CHTP) Northera FDA advisory panel.

Healthcare investor and TheStreet contributor Aafia Chaudhry will be your guide through today's panel, where a select group of experts will deliberate the pros and cons of Northera, an experimental treatment for neurogenic orthostatic hypotension (NOH), a chronic disease characterized by dangerously low blood pressure.

At the end of today's panel, the experts will vote on whether or not to recommend Northera's approval. Obviously, this is a very important event for Chelsea Therapeutics.

The FDA posted a review of Northera on Friday, recommending the drug not be approved at this time.

Aafia Chaudhry M.D. is a founding partner at Noesis LLC, an investment-management firm focused on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. She originally trained in general surgery prior to transitioning into the health-care industry. Aafia has been an active life-sciences investor for the past nine years and is an expert in pharmaceutical life-cycle management strategy. She was formerly president of 81qd, a strategic data-analytics consultancy, and most recently served as vice president of strategic market planning at WebMD Health Corp.