Cannabis is truly out of the shadows and into the spotlight, this time of the blinding light of the silver screen.

Oscars bags often court controversy, especially with the price tag for this year's "Everybody Wins" bags rumored to be pushing over six figures for the socially conscious Hollywood crowd. The highest valuation for each bag reached $230,000 in 2016, but has since been toned down to more "modest" levels.

This year appears to be no different in terms of controversial products, as the pricey bags to be presented Distinctive Assets, not the Oscars itself, on Sunday will include many cannabis-centric creations and offers.

According to The Independent, this year's gift package will include edibles and concentrates from Colorado-based cannabis company Coda signature, an annual VIP membership to MOTA, LA's first cannabis-friendly social club, "age interventionist" ointments from LA-based aesthetician Renee Lynn's CBDRxSupreme protocol, and CBD infused skincare products from the Bay Area-based High Beauty.

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Based on the offerings, even the losers of the coveted categorical prizes should be able to keep calm.

Still, the companies marketing these products through the bags could be a bit anxious, as they are betting up to $20,000 just for inclusion in the goodie bags and praying celebrities like them.

To see the full list of over 50 products rumored set to stock up the posh swag bags, click here.

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