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Learn How to Invest in Cannabis - TheStreet Webinar

How big is the cannabis market today and how big is it going to be?

The cannabis market is growing in America as more states look to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. But with the expansion of the cannabis market on the horizon, a lot of questions still remain about what comes next.

TheStreet and NorCal Cannabis Co. are partnering to teach investors how to invest in the cannabis market. NorCal Cannabis is working to build an impactful cannabis ecosystem in California. The company recently released a white paper around “5 Myths of Cannabis,' including one point that most cannabis users consume the product for physical and mental wellness.

TheStreet and NorCal discuss the future of the country’s largest market - California - and note the biggest growth segment there and which consumer segment will continue to expand the fastest. We all know about smoking pot for medical or recreational use - but the webinar will explore what other potential uses are out there.

We keep hearing a lot about cannabis stocks going way up and then coming way down. Is there still time for average investors to get in or has the bubble come and gone? Those questions and more will be answered on the webinar.

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Watch How to Invest in Cannabis: Separating the Weed from the Chaff and become a smarter cannabis investor.