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Shares of Acadia Pharmaceuticals (ACAD)  popped over 25% this week after an FDA panel voted in favor of approving its drug for Parkinson's disease psychosis. Despite the pop, the company's stock still trades at nearly half of where it was last summer.

Michael Kramer, portfolio manager at Mott Capital Management, says the corner has been turned and it could soon regain those heights with a potentially favorable outcome from the FDA in early May.

Kramer added that the shares could see an additional surge because "a lot of people got short the stock ahead of this panel thinking it would ultimately not get a favorable outcome."

Kramer is also bullish on Alkermes (ALKS) , which saw its stock halved in January when its drug for depression had a disappointing trial. He said the company is making adjustments in the wake of the trial on that particular drug, but it has a deep pipeline that is being overlooked.

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"The Street really discounts a lot of the pipeline they are working on," said Kramer.

Meanwhile, Kramer is also positive on Starbucks (SBUX) , which is flat year-to-date, but up 29% in the past 12 months. While Starbucks trades at over 27 times its 2017 earnings, Kramer said the high multiple does not faze him because of the company's technological advances.

"They have a unique way of using technology and smartphones to make it really simple for people to order a $4 cup of coffee," said Kramer.

Finally, Kramer is a fan of Verizon (VZ) , up 17% thus far in 2016, saying there is more to the telecom giant than the company's 4.2% dividend yield.

"There is a new on demand generation," said Kramer. "These are people who consume data at their demand and it means there will be a massive amount of data consumption going through the pipe into your home or the mobile phone in your hand. And that really will be the key driver for Verizon going into the future."