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LOS ANGELES -- Sometimes popping the bubble wrap is more amusing than the item it protects. ... If you find yourself agreeing with this statement, Gadget Grrl has the gadget for you. It's a Bubble Pop Keychain -- sure to provide hours of amusement to all of you pop fans. Also, check out this Bluetooth Stereo Speaker. It's a lightweight portable speaker that allows you to upgrade the sound of your digital music and turn your hotel room phone into a speaker phone.

Bubble Pop Keychain

For you obsessive-compulsive types, this would be a great little device.If you have ever found yourself repeatedly popping bubble wrap, this gives youan outlet to pop to your heart's content.

The Bubble Pop Keychain is about 1" x 1" in size and makes a clicking sound when the raised, plastic bubbles are depressed.

There are nine buttons and pressing them is addictive. I think it's way more fun than mostvideo games. Another fun feature here is that there are funny sound effects that will chime in randomly when you hit one of the buttons, like a doorbell or a whiz noise.

With airlines flying slower (to save gas) you've now got one more thing to occupyyour time in the sky.

Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

I get so tired of talking on my cell phone -- so this would be a great device toplug in and use as a speaker phone in hotel rooms.It works with telephones, PDA's, Smartphones, MP3 players and portable DVD players.

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There is a 33-foot operating range with five hours of playing time and 48 hours in standby mode.By the way, in case you were wondering, standby mode is when it's not playing. For power there is a rechargeable lithium battery inside.

And there is no weight to worry about here because at .08 lb, and 7" x 3", it's a veryportable device for multi-tasking your media.

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This site offers up all kinds of movies, animation, TV shows and documentaries, all for free. There are even older concert videos from the Doors, Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix if you're feeling a '60's vibe. Note: These are not for downloading; you can just access them online, but if you've got a decent laptop, or smartphone and a good connection, this site could get you through the next few airport delays.

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