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Boeing 777 Makes Emergency Landing in Moscow After Engine Trouble

Another Boeing 777 airliner makes an emergency landing, this time in Moscow, after pilots receive an indicator warning of possible engine failure.

Another long-haul Boeing  (BA)  777 airliner was forced to make an emergency landing, this time in Moscow, after pilots received an indicator warning of possible engine failure, the third such incident involving a Boeing plane in less than a week.

Pilots diverted the 15-year-old Boeing 777 to an airport in Moscow after an indicator warned of a possible engine failure on the airplane, a week after engines failed on two other Boeing jets, Reuters reported on Friday. The jet returned safely with no injuries.

The incident followed another more dramatic event last weekend on another Boeing 777, where an engine malfunction scattered debris over the Denver area. That jet, a Boeing 777-200, was heading to Hawaii when it had to return to Denver International Airport after its right engine failed shortly after takeoff.

The jet landed safely, and no one was injured, but broken parts fell from the sky over the area. A similar mishap occurred on a Boeing 747 cargo plane over the Netherlands this past week. 

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The series of close-calls has raised concerns about metal fatigue in the fan blades of the Pratt & Whitney-made engines, some of them dating to the mid-1990s. The plane that landed in Moscow was equipped with different engines made by General Electric.

Boeing said on Sunday that all 128 of its 777 jetliners equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines of the type involved in the Denver incident, the PW4000 series, would be grounded worldwide. The 747 involved in the accident in the Netherlands was powered by a different type of Pratt & Whitney engine.

Meantime, federal regulators have imposed $5.4 million in civil penalties against Boeing for violating terms of a $12 million settlement in 2015, and the aircraft maker has agreed to pay another $1.21 million to settle two current enforcement cases.

Shares of Boeing were up 1.09% at $218.75 in trading on Friday.