CIOs and investors alike seeking to get ahead of the next big tech trend better be looking toward blockchain, virtual reality and autonomic platforms, said Bill Briggs, chief technology officer of Deloitte Consulting.

"Blockchain is more than just Bitcoin, it is a new technology for trust," said Briggs. "It's a distributed ledger that many people can share and it's any asset that you can define digitally so that means currency, customer loyalty or electronic medical records -- any kind of transaction or contract.

Deloitte highlighted critical trends like blockchain that are reshaping the way businesses operate in a global environment in its seventh annual technology trends report: "Tech Trends 2016 -- Innovating in the Digital Era."

Aside from blockchain, Briggs also named virtual reality -- like Facebook's (FB) - Get Report Oculus Rift -  as a tech trend to watch both on the business and consumer side. He said businesses need to put augmented and virtual reality to work and understand experimentation is essential to helping everyone understand how they can drive value.

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The so-called Internet of Things is another hot technology trend. Briggs said it is expanding rapidly, and as it grows, so does the volumes of data it generates.

"Everything around us is getting connectivity and that is interesting but overwhelming," said Briggs, adding the ultimate goal is to simplify it so it can be used in an enterprise or business setting.

Big data continues to be a major trend in technology, according to the Deloitte report. Briggs said big data can distract an organization, so it needs to be "more bounded and purposeful again."

Briggs also said improving autonomic platforms, which physically run the IT stack, will be a huge movement in coming years.

"The companies that are reimagining their core business because of technology are the places that are going to be the winners in the next decade plus," said Briggs.