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Billionaire Michael Saylor, Winklevoss Bros Celebrate Bitcoin Rebound

The start of the year has been a trying one for bitcoin evangelists, who therefore do not hesitate to celebrate the thrills of a cryptocurrency rebound.
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They did not wait long to celebrate, and especially to remind naysayers that their faith in cryptocurrencies is justified. The tremors of a bitcoin rebound have given voice to aficionados of the king of cryptocurrencies. They were quick to storm social media to express their joy and challenge skeptics.

Bitcoin crossed the symbolic threshold of $40,000 on Friday and is above $41,000 at the time of writing, levels it had not reached since January 22. We are certainly still far from the historic record of $69,044.77 beaten on November 10, but it is a positive step in view of the January rout.

Michael Saylor

Is Bitcoin The future ?

Billionaire Michael Saylor, who told his 2 million Twitter  (TWTR) followers recently that his company MicroStrategy  (MSTR)  had purchased the bitcoin dip by adding 660 bitcoins in cash at a price of $37,865 per unit as of January 31, for a total amount of $25 million, didn't hold back.

He borrowed a phrase from internet celebrity, and founder of the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, who recently bought bitcoin worth $1 million. The latter said in a Fox Business program that: "Bitcoin is here to stay. It is the future."

The post, which has already been widely shared, immediately sparked heated debates between pro-bitcoin and anti-bitcoin in 'Reply'.

"You think I'm an idiot because i don't have any Bitcoin? 'Yes'", one fan commented.

But for another rather critical user, bitcoin is a "gambling chip."

Wait, the Winklevoss's Are Into Bitcoin?

The big names in the cryptosphere prefer not to bother with such discussions. What matters, according to them, is the return to the threshold of $40,000. This is the case of the Winklevoss brothers, who accused Mark Zuckerberg of having stolen their idea of ​​a social network to create Facebook. They used part of their millions of dollars settlement to buy bitcoin and launch Gemini, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges that allow users to buy and sell crypto.

"Bitcoin hits 40k just in time for the weekend," Tyler Winklevoss posted on Twitter, while his brother Cameron went with: "40k here we come, LFG."

Influencers were not left out, happy with this moment after being accused of bearing some responsibility for the panties of individual investors following the crash of the crypto market. Some influencers were accused of having encouraged, through their platforms, individual investors to blindly embrace digital currencies.

Anthony Pompliano, one of the most followed influencers, posted this message to his 1.4 million followers: " Should i tweet out that bitcoin just crossed $40,000 again or nah?" with a laughing emoji.

But economist Peter Schiff, a vocal critic of cryptocurrencies, who has warned, numerous times, potential investors of the dangers of the cryptocurrencies, chose irony to mock the return of bitcoin champions.

"Attention #Bitcoin buyers: This could be your last chance to buy Bitcoin above $40,000. So hurry up and buy those high-priced Sats while supplies last," he posted.

His post, which was widely shared, received many negative comments mainly from bitcoin enthusiasts, who do not hesitate to point out that all his predictions about the popular cryptocurrency have so far turned out to be false.

Schiff has said that he believes bitcoin will go to zero.