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LOS ANGELES -- If you are an active mobile executive, the kind who likes to mountain bike on weekends,the VholdR wearable camera is a great way to capture action-packed moments.The camera is wireless and can be mounted to a helmet or hat. Also, Gadget Grrl offers below a neat way to secure your laptop, MP3 and other accessories: the DormVault.

VholdR Wearable Camera

This camera has a threaded mount that is specifically made to attach to a helmet. You could also attach it to a hat and grab some pretty interesting footage at a sporting event, or at an outdoor concert, or along a street in a crowded city.

The camera shoots MPEG4 AVI, and there is a 1GB flashcard included, which should give you about 50 minutes of video at 640x480 @ 30 (frames per second). That's fine to put on the Web.

You can also upgrade to 2GB with a microSD card. Once you have shot your footage, you can download it via USB. If you've got really exciting footage, you can go to and upload it.

What I like about this camera, besides the durability and rugged casing, is the ability to get footage that you would not normally be able to get for fear of dropping or damaging another more fragile video camera.

Whether you are zooming down a dirt trail or heliskiing, this lightweight camera (3.75 in x 2.1 in x 1.35 in and 4.8 oz) can grab incredible shots along the way.


If security is an issue at home or at the office, you might want to consider thislaptop vault.

It weighs 9 lbs and can house laptops up to 17" and is constructed of steel. There is an inside pocket that can also house MP3 players or otheraccessories you don't want running away from your desk.

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