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How would you like to win $150,000?

Here's your chance. I'm thrilled to announce that's

"Beat the Street" stock-picking game begins TODAY.

Sign up now for the game by

clicking here. The game has many cool features, and best of all, you can win a $150,000 grand prize, and weekly and daily prizes to boot.

We also have some excellent research tools to help build your portfolio. If you need information, or a rating, on a stock or ETF,

check out our Ratings center

. And check out James Altucher's column on

tips for playing the game


So sign up now for

the "Beat the Street" game -- and check out

daily to see how your trading acumen matches up, read special player profiles of your fellow competitors, and get expert analysis on the best stock trades of the day.

Let's stay interactive. And good luck.

Dave Morrow


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