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The top five leaders in'sBeat the Street contest all have been there before at some point this week.

And HappyAss, as he has all week, has kept hold of the top spot going into the last day of trading in Week 4. Relying on his all-airlines portfolio, HappyAss raised his stock holdings' value to $319,925. Vivicat is in second place with $317,689. Bklnman ($315,257), ChunRong16 ($314,349) and StreetTrader ($314,205) round out the top five.

The top five portfolios are all long, with the exception of one holding by StreetTrader, who is short

North American Palladium



Altucher's Top 'Beat the Street' Stock Picks

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Three of the top five portfolios consist only of airlines.







US Airways


TheStreet Recommends



(CAL) - Get Caleres, Inc. Report



(DAL) - Get Delta Air Lines, Inc. Report




are the main holdings.

Registered players can go to the Beat the Street

Web site

and see what stocks the other players have chosen, and all players should keep abreast of the game in the

Stockpickr forum


The next Beat the Street game will be held next week, so if you missed this week, you're only a few days away from a chance to play. And keep an eye out for our announcement of this week's winner Friday evening.

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