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This week remains wide open as less than $10,000 separates the top 20 contestants.

Registered players can go to the Beat the Street

Web site

and see what stocks the other players have chosen, and all players should keep abreast of the game in the

Stockpickr forum


The longs have been rewarded this week as there are only three shorts in the top 5 portfolios, and they are all Inwo42, who shorted


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. Nascar's big winner has been



, which jumped nearly 18% Thursday. Nascar also made a change this week, picking up


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Tuesday night and selling the

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The next Beat the Street game will be held next week, so if you missed this week, you're only a few days away from your next chance to play. And keep an eye for our announcement of this week's winner.

Editor's Note: Thursday's story highlighted TRMA as a powerful stock in several portfolios. That was an error due to a temporary data glitch that has been corrected.

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