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Beat the Street: Meet Vladimir Kulenovic

This player, who has a 50% return, says Cramer got him into the market and the game.

Vladimir Kulenovic scours the Internet and the newspaper rack to find winning ideas for his long and short positions. As of Friday's close, he'd turned $100,000 into $152,876, good enough to get him ranked 430th overall. Kulenovic talked to us about his top picks so far in "Beat the Street."

1) What stocks have you traded most effectively and how?

The picks that I traded most effectively were

Medis Technologies



North American Galvanizing



Progressive Gaming


and most recently



. Most of my gains came as a result of short selling. Depending on the current valuation, I have been on the long side as well.

2) What's your style of investing?

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My investing style is contrarian, and while I am primarily relying on shorting stocks to generate quick gains in this game, my investments are exclusively on the long side and consist of diversified long-term holdings.

3) Do you primarily trade on the long or short side? Have there been any stocks that have been particularly good from both sides?

As my picks in this game are high volatility stocks, they all work well from both sides of the trade. In my opinion, this is especially true for MDTL and PGIC.

4) How do you research your picks? Do you primarily use fundamental or technical analysis?

I use both fundamental and technical analysis. I read everything from research reports to forums on

Stockpickr. While most of it is done online, I also rely on

Investor's Business Daily

for some ideas.

5) If you win, what will you do with the $100,000?

5) Pay my school bill for the next two years and donate the rest to children in need.

6) Have you given any thought to what you'll look to learn from Jim if you go on air together? Any stocks you'd like his take on?

I am a big Cramer fan, and would like to hear his view on the peak oil theory and best way to play the possible shift towards alternative energy sources. I would like his thoughts on some uranium and solar energy picks I am currently looking into.

7) How long have you been investing? And what's the best investing advice you've ever received? The worst?

I have been investing on my own for about three years, and it all started with Cramer. My best advice was when he said, "Nobody made a dime panicking." Worst advice was to buy

Lexar Media

just before they reported earnings.