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LOS ANGELES -- Gadget Grrl says if you're a Batman fan, and who isn't after the Dark Knight movie, this new Batman Edition Bluetooth Headset might be for you. It actually flashes the famous Batman logo on a wall while you wear it.

Next up, if you have or work for a business that needs to transfer large files, there is a sitewith a few different file transfer service plans that might help. It's called, You Send It. But first, the headset...

Batman Edition Bluetooth Headset

What's cool about it is that while it's a small (5cm long, 13 grams), working Bluetooth headset, it also projects a blue, Batman logo. Fun for flashing on a dark airplane wall when you can't sleep.

Like a number of headsets, this one has noise reduction and one-touch operation.

It's designed to fit either ear and has a talk time of up to seven hours.

The device is not yet available in this country, but you can enquire at the urllisted to buy from a vendor in Asia.
Service plans vary

What I liked about this service is that there are a number of plug-ins enabling you toexport directly from some of the most popular audio/video programs available like;Final Cut Pro, iPhoto, CS3 Photoshop and documents directly from Outlook orMicrosoft Office



Video files, even small ones, can be impossible to send -- especially if you need them to arrive in a timely manner.

Currently, there are three plans available, Individual, Business and Corporate.The Lite plan is free and a good place to start to see if your business needs to upgrade. With the free plan you'll be able to send and receive files up to 1GB. To upgrade to 2GB, it will cost you $9.99 a month.

The Business Plan (at $29.99 per month) allows you to brand the service with your company logo. This is especially good if you are a marketing or PR agency and need to transfer video files to clients. There is also a Corporate Suite, but you'll have to enquire for pricing on that service.

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Site to see


This new beta site culls public files to find criminal records, traffic and/or otheroffenses on persons in the U.S. If your company has sensitive data or needs to make surethey are hiring employees without a criminal past, this might be a good place to start.

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