NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Tesla Motors (TSLA) - Get Report may be the most well-known all-electric automaker in the U.S., but there are other companies in the mix, too. 

AMP Holding (AMPD) makes all-electric vehicles but has decided to focus specifically on the local delivery truck market, according to CEO Steve Burns. 

The vehicle, called the Workhorse, would be perfect for an entity like the United States Postal Service. The average USPS route is just 15 miles long, with plenty of stopping and going. 

USPS is looking to replace its fleet of 180,000 trucks, which are some 25 years old. By that measure, the cost of updating the fleet can likely be justified simply by how much it would save in maintenance, he said. 

But in making his case for why the USPS should opt for electric delivery trucks, Burns says the drivers wouldn't have to worry about the lack of charging stations in the area or if the vehicle has enough miles left on its charge, since the routes tend to be short.

"There isn't a better application for an electric truck than the post office," he said. 

AMP Holding AMPD data by YCharts

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However, Burns acknowledged that every once in a while it would be necessary for delivery drivers to go further than anticipated, such as around the holidays. 

That's why the vehicles are equipped with a generator that can produce electricity if the vehicle gets too low on its charge. 

That's not the only innovation from AMP Holdings. The company also has developed its own drone delivery unit, the HorseFly. 

The HorseFly is mounted to the top of the vehicle and can deliver packages on its own, fly back to the vehicle and land. Once landed, it begins to recharge, he explained. 

This method - while also making the delivery worker's job easier - prevents the drone from having to fly from a centralized hub that is potentially many miles away. Instead, it only has to go from the delivery vehicle and back again. 

If and when the Federal Aviation Administration approves drone delivers, AMP Holding will be ready, Burns concluded. 

-- Written by Bret Kenwell