NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Amazon (AMZN) - Get Report is campaigning for its own drone zone.

The online retailer has unveiled a proposal to designate a space of air 200 to 400 feet from the ground for high-speed delivery drones. For safety the company also wants a 100-foot buffer zone to be set aside as a no-fly zone that will divide the drones from regular aircraft.

Amazon's vision included drone-tracking capabilities and interaction between drone traffic within the low altitude flying area. The plan would limit recreational drone flyers to under 400 feet. The delivery giant presented its latest plans at the NASA UTM convention in California.

The Federal Aviation Administration has only just eased its restrictions on Amazon's test delivery drone flights earlier this year, and Amazon has been vocal in its aspirations to use drones for under 30-minute package deliveries.

The FAA is taking tentative steps toward commercial drone regulations. At present, the rules would not allow long-distance delivery and don't permit drones to be used within five miles of airport facilities. Long-range drones must be connected to the Internet to allow tracking and to receive communication.

Amazon's futuristic plans for an air-traffic control system would revolutionize the delivery and drone commerce business. The company is working with National Aeronautics and Space Administration on the air-traffic control system, but has not yet revealed when the project would be ready for implementation.

The company claims that the drones it intends to use for delivery in the future will be automatically capable of steering clear of hazards and would be able to function autonomously.