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American International Group's

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new CEO Robert Benmosche is not so gung-ho about selling-off the company's assets.

Benmosche, who took the reins on Aug. 10, said he is holding on to an investment-advisory business unit that is part of its retirement services group, Reuters reported.

And according to Investment News, a memo went out Monday night informing 6,000 advisers from Sagepoint Financial, Royal Alliance and FSC Securities that they would not be sold off. AIG Advisory had been on the chopping block for about $200 million.

The scrapped sale could signal that more changes are to come in regards to AIG's restructuring plan from Benmosche, former leader at


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For the past few months, AIG has been shedding assets in an effort to repay the company's $85 billion loan from the government.

-- Reported by Jeanine Poggi in New York.

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