5 Hot Sports Cars Made 25 Years Ago That Could Soon Make You Rich - TheStreet

With every new model year, a new class of car collectors arises.

ClassicCars.com, a website that helps owners sell their classic vehicles online, identified five vehicles from the 1992 model year celebrating their 25th anniversary that have increased in value over the past few years.

"I think the cars on that list are really sound investments," Andy Reid, ClassicCars.com's East Coast editor and analyst told TheStreet on Friday.

"I don't expect those cars will be depreciating below their current value."

The vehicles represent a new generation of the car collection hobby that emphasizes the 1980s and '90s, Reid said. Most offer the expectations of a modern car, but they still hold the nostalgia of the classics.

"This new generation of collectors love driving these cars," he said. "These five are as usable as they are collectible."

With makes like Dodge and Toyota (TM) - Get Report on the list, they are also affordable, Reid added.

"They're not a Ferrari (RACE) - Get Report maintenance situation," he said. "They're all easy to own."

Here are the hot rides.