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, the Dutch insurer that owns the Transamerica life-insurance company in the U.S., is considering tapping a 20 billion euro ($24.95 billion) fund established by the Netherlands to shore up its financial institutions, the

Wall Street Journal


A decision on whether the company will seek a government capital infusion could come in the next few days, the newspaper reports, citing a person familiar with the matter. It was unclear what the terms would be, but the person said any state aid would be smaller than the 10 billion euros

ING Groep


, the Dutch banking and insurance company, will receive from the fund.

The Journal also reports




Prudential Financial


two of the largest U.S. insurers, are interested in exploring government cash infusions.

Reports are that the next beneficiary of the U.S. government's $700 billion rescue fund approved by Congress earlier this month could be insurance companies.


Treasury Department

wants insurance companies to participate in the troubled asset relief program, or TARP, according to the


. The government could take preferred equity stakes in certain insurers, the paper said.

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