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A Primer on Buying Insurance

In a six-part series, <I>TSC</I> contributing editor Vern Hayden explains how to determine how much and what kind of insurance you need for your home, auto, family and business.

Among the most confusing areas of personal finance is insurance. Life insurance policies can be a complex amalgam of insurance and investment vehicles. Auto insurance levels are designated by cryptic series of numbers such as 100/300/50. And homeowners' policies can leave you homeless if you forget to account for the cost of rebuilding your house after a disaster.

In this series of columns,


contributing editor Vern Hayden examines the basics of the three most common types of policies: auto, home and life.

The Stories

Deconstructing a Fender-Bender

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Crash Course on Auto Insurance Coverage

Reading the Fine Print on Your Homeowners' Policy

An Upbeat Take on Life Insurance

Calculating Your Life Insurance Needs

Term vs. Whole Life: The Insurance Debate Continues