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A Primer on Buying Insurance

In a six-part series, <I>TSC</I> contributing editor Vern Hayden explains how to determine how much and what kind of insurance you need for your home, auto, family and business.
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Among the most confusing areas of personal finance is insurance. Life insurance policies can be a complex amalgam of insurance and investment vehicles. Auto insurance levels are designated by cryptic series of numbers such as 100/300/50. And homeowners' policies can leave you homeless if you forget to account for the cost of rebuilding your house after a disaster.

In this series of columns,


contributing editor Vern Hayden examines the basics of the three most common types of policies: auto, home and life.

The Stories

Deconstructing a Fender-Bender

Crash Course on Auto Insurance Coverage

Reading the Fine Print on Your Homeowners' Policy

An Upbeat Take on Life Insurance

Calculating Your Life Insurance Needs

Term vs. Whole Life: The Insurance Debate Continues