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is adding beer and wine to the menu of some of its locations near

Atlanta and Chicago as well as in Southern California

by the end of 2012.

Alcohol already is being served at a half dozen Starbucks near Seattle and in Portland, Ore.



on whether they would consume an alcoholic beverage at Starbucks, readers of


were torn, with 53.38% of 547 poll respondents saying they would.



however, readers didn't like the idea of getting a beer at the same place they might get their coffee. Here's what they said.


asked readers on Facebook:

Beer and wine will be added to about a dozen Starbucks locations this year. Will you make Starbucks your new happy hour spot?

Scott Mustric:


David Houston:


Jennifer Laine Forest:

No. If I want to go to a bar, I'll go to a bar. I'm sober. I like that there is no alcohol at Starbuck's. This decision really disappoints me.

Dorenda M. Clink:

Its the dumbest business decision I have ever heard. Some things just don't need to be redesigned! Lost me as a customer for sure.

Js Burger:

Not unless they add Diet Coke to the menu.

גידונה שאני:

Nope! I'd rather support mom-and-pop places, especially one-of-a-kind pubs.

Rich Connet:

Starbucks charges $5 for a $1 cup of coffee. If the average beer is $4, how much will Starbucks charge? SAT question.

Stephen Nuchia:

No Irish whiskey? They're missing a trick there.

Greg Schretter:

Cool, so I have have my morning coffee and a Merlot at 6am. AWESOME!! LOL!...

Gene Kirby:

I might, since I only go to Starbucks if a friend suggests it, maybe once a year. I don't drink coffee, but a beer would be all right.

Philip Cyza:

I wouldn't order a beer there. Never really thought about what a silly idea it is until I saw all these comments, but really... Who needs a beer at Starbucks?

Baxter Orr:

I work from Starbucks often, would be great to be able to get a beer while working.

Chuck Bloodworth:

yet another place in town where i can get sh*t faced! awesome!!

Chad Cronk:

Why do I want to drink beer beside someone writing the "next great novel" while drinking his Venti Latte?

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