60 Second Savings: A Cure for High Closing Costs

New-home buyer? Here's one way to ease those hefty closing costs.
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From application fees to bank and attorney expenses, closing costs can quickly add up to 3% to 6% of your new home's purchase price.

And while the regulations on them tend to be extremely rigid, some savvy home buyers are negotiating with the home's seller or developer and having


cover your closing costs.

Not so fast -- this doesn't mean you're totally off the hook.

The developer or seller can tag the closing expenses onto the sale price of the home, thus increasing your mortgage.

The closing costs, in effect, get spread throughout the mortgage term. This works great for those who would prefer to pay an extra few hundred dollars a month vs. tens of thousands of dollars or more upfront.

"That's one of the games you can play on a mortgage ... and you've saved money on the back-end closing cost," says Daren Hornig, a managing partner at real estate firm Saxa.

And yes, Hornig says, it's totally legal.

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