Editors' pick: Originally published Nov. 21.

Before making your holiday travel plans, check out which airports will allow you to sail through with ease or experience tedious gridlock.

ThePointsGuy recently rated the country's 30 busiest airports based on flight delays, cancellations, average security wait times, distance from the city center, public transit options, bars/restaurants, lounges, WiFi costs and parking rates.

Data was compiled from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, J.D. Power, Google Maps, iFly.com and the airports' official websites and James Cury, editorial director for ThePointsGuy, says it was important to gather data via raw data versus surveys. ""This is the first year doing the report and we looked solely at data rather than asking people what they liked or didn't like," he says.

Research found parking on-site presents a wide range when it comes to expense. "Parking rates ranged from $7 to $30 taking into consideration on-site parking," Cury says. "We also wanted to see how long it took travelers to get to the airport and how accessible it was through public transportation."

Ranked at the top included Phoenix Sky Harbor International and San Diego International, while the bottom was comprised mainly of airports in New York such as John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia.

"The takeaway is that New York airports aren't doing a great job, so travelers should realize they can consider alternatives such as flying into Philadelphia and driving if that's an option for you," Cury says. Philadelphia International airport ranked No. 7 on ThePointsGuy's list.

"West Coast airports did better in our study, part of the on time flights and lower rates of cancellation may have something to do with the weather but not always," he says.

The bottom five on the list of 30 airports tend to have the worst timeliness scores--flight delays, cancellations, and security wait times, Cury says.