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5 Top Stock Gainers for Wednesday: Walgreens, Chevron, Merck

Walgreens, Merck, Chevron, GreenSky and Devon are five top stocks for Wednesday.

U.S. stocks traded higher Wednesday, with the Dow rebounding from a two-month low, as investors question the strength of the domestic and global recovery and the prospect of higher corporate tax rates.

Here are some of the market's biggest gainers for Wednesday:

1. Walgreens Boots Alliance | Increase 2.7% 

Shares of Walgreens Boots Alliance  (WBA)  traded higher Wednesday ahead of President Joe Biden's meeting with executives from the company and others including Walt Disney and Microsoft to advance his Covid-19 vaccination requirements for the private sector.

2. GreenSky  | Increase 53%

Shares of GreenSky  (GSKY) jumped following a move by Goldman Sachs to buy the online 'buy now, pay later' lending platform for around $2.2 billion.

GreenSky offers "simple and transparent home improvement financing solutions for approximately four million customers", according to Goldman, which was one of the underwriters of GreenSky's original IPO listing in 2018.

3. Chevron | Increase 1.6%

Shares of Chevron  (CVX) traded higher despite a downgrade to neutral from overweight by analysts at J.P. Morgan citing ramp-up in clean energy spending. 

Chevron's plans to increase its clean energy spending could hold the stock back over the next year, according to J.P. Morgan.

4. Merck | Increase 1%

Shares of Merck  (MRK)  rose Wednesday after Hoopika Pharma said it is collaborating on a clinical trial and supply agreement with Merck to evaluate drugs HB-200 and Keytruda for patients with advanced head and neck cancers.

5. Devon Energy | Increase 5.4%

Devon  (DVN)  shares traded higher Wednesday after crude oil prices shot up more than 3% in just one day amid rising demand and a supply disruption, leading to many oil and gas stocks rising even more.