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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer's Froth Warning; 'Hot' Stocks

Must-reads from Jim Cramer, Jim Collins, Helene Meisler and the Real Money/Real Money Pro team make sense of the market's big moves.
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GameStop  (GME) - Get GameStop Corporation Report has mostly faded from the front pages, but we still have lots of speculation and stocks burning up the charts.

Retailers such as Macy's  (M) - Get Macy's, Inc. Report left for dead long ago are surging and names like Carvana  (CVNA) - Get Carvana Co. Class A Report are driving past fundamentals -- and all while Nasdaq volume is soaring.

How is the investor to navigate these frothy waters in the market?

With the help of Real Money and Real Money Pro experts like Jim Cramer, Paul PriceHelene MeislerJim Collins and Jonathan Heller.

Cramer: Don't Get Lost in the Froth

The S&P's Oscillator reached 5 on Tuesday night, an overbought and frothy level. When it gets that high it is not often the top, says Jim Cramer, but the indicator's reading should be respected, he adds. 

Here's what Cramer says investors should do now. 

Meisler: Nasdaq Is Loud and Clear

As more signs come in that we're heading into an overbought reading in the latter part of this week, we also saw volume on the Nasdaq soaring higher on Tuesday, says technical analyst Helene Meisler. 

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Let's not 'speculate' about all this, and instead check the indicators with Meisler and see what these readings are telling us

Price: We've Seen This Crazy Action Before

No matter how it looks during this red-hot market action, what makes stocks go up over time is the creation of value, says columnist Paul Price. That's why these speculative spikes in stocks like Koss Corp.  (KOSS) - Get Koss Corporation Report are just the same old, same old, he says. 

Price picks apart GameStop, Uber  (UBER) - Get Uber Technologies Inc. Report and other big movers and gives his advice for investors. 

Heller: Retail Stocks Might Be a Little Too Hot 

Retailers that were left for dead when the pandemic began have been surging recently, says columnist Jonathan Heller, pointing to department stores such as Kohl's (KSS) - Get Kohl's Corporation Report (up 22.5% year-to-date), Macy's (up 36%) and Dillard's (DDS) - Get Dillard's Inc. Report (up 24%). But how long will this last?

Here's Heller's take on these big moves.

Jim Collins: From Stimulus to Stagflation

Stimulus packages may look sweet, but they don't work, argues columnist Jim Collins, pointing to the stagflation hitting the nation. But instead of throwing up your arms and whining about it, profit from it.

Collins tells us how to make money from stagflation.

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