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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer's Birth of a Market Bottom, Cathie Wood

Here are five must reads from Jim Cramer, Doug Kass, and the team at Real Money/Real Money Pro!
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A year ago the stock market was flying high, only to plummet with the spread of a deadly, mysterious virus. Here's how it found a bottom.

The market is back to overbought and a pullback may be in the offing.

ARK Innovation ETF  (ARKK)  is an excellent proxy for the exaggerated speculation in large-cap disruptive technology.

There are many factors that can influence the psychology surrounding a stock.

Can you identify a lagging indicator? Here's one: analyst opinions.

It's all on Real Money right now.

Here are five must reads from the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium sites for Wall Street professionals and active investors:

Jim Cramer: The Birth of a Market Bottom, Part 1

A year ago this week the stock market was hitting new highs and it was all aboard. Buyers had all but ignored the so-called Wuhan virus and were buying pretty much everything in sight given the strong earnings just reported from an excellent reporting season, writes Jim Cramer.

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Underneath, though, there was a story simmering that would cause one of the most swift bear markets in history, one that would cause the Dow Jones Industrial Average to plunge 31% peak to trough, then cause a lasting bottom that we live with these days.

Helene Meisler: The Market Is Ripe for a Pullback This Week: Here's Why

So here we are. Back to overbought. But will it matter, asks Helene Meisler.

If you have been reading Meisler on Real Money, she has had this week earmarked as the period the market is ripe for a pullback and so far she doesn't see much to change that view.

Doug Kass: Living in Cathie Wood's World

In every stock market cycle there is a dominant investor who captures the market's zeitgeist by incorporating and reflecting the ideas and beliefs of the times. But there is an inevitability of every market cycle that the optimistic expectations will be over-exploited, valuations will go to extremes and a painful bust will follow, explains Doug Kass.

Today's market cycle seems no different than others in the past. Cathie Wood's ARK Innovation ETF  (ARKK)  may be this cycle's bank trust department (think late 1960s, early 1970s) or the Janus 20 (of the bubble period).

Rev Shark: Add the Power of Psychology to Your Trading Arsenal

There are two basic ways to approach trading: fundamental and technical. Many of the best traders combine the two elements to develop a trading strategy, but a third element can push your trading to the next level. That third element is psychology, says James "Rev Shark" DePorre.

Paul Price: Analyst Opinions Are Unreliable Lagging Indicators

Nothing frustrates investors more than listening to analysts telling them to buy stocks after large price increases -- after previously advising them to sell those same shares when they were much cheaper, observes Paul Price.

Simon Property Group  (SPG)  , America's premier operator of high-end malls, provides an interesting case study on how Wall Street really works.

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