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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer's 5 Rules, Predicting Tops

Here are five must reads from Jim Cramer, Rev Shark, and the team at Real Money/Real Money Pro!
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If you think that anything goes in this market you'd be wrong, and there are a number of reasons why. 

How do you predict a market top? Let's consider the ways. 

Precious metals were big winners in 2020. Does that bode well for 2021? 

If you're holding a large position, let's see how you manage that. And with power outages in China, look no further than their ban on Australian coal.

It's all on Real Money right now.

Here are five must reads from the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium sites for Wall Street professionals and active investors:

Jim Cramer: 5 Rules Why Anything Does Not Go in This Market

You must have some education and some knowledge of what can go wrong with stocks and options, writes Jim Cramer, who says his five rules can help you from losing a lot of money.

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Addressing younger investors, Cramer discusses what they don't know: how to buy and how to sell a stock, and whether the stock is suitable for their personality. They may not know, for instance, the rights and wrongs of owning stocks.

Rev Shark: 4 Ways to Predict a Market Top

Just because you have a great argument on why market conditions have to change doesn't mean it will happen, says James "Rev Shark" DePorre.

On Wall Street, no topic generates more discussion and debate than whether the market trend is about to shift. The primary goal of many market participants is to predict market direction. They want to predict the twists and turns and call bottoms and tops. This can be such an obsession that making money and producing good returns become secondary matters.

Heller: Will Precious Metals Continue to Shine in 2021?

Gold and silver are significantly higher in 2020, notes Jonathan Heller. Where silver and gold head in 2021 remains to be seen, but you've got to give some credence to the theory that all of the money the government has been spending (which is our money), supporting a seemingly endless national debt, should bode well for metals.

Price: Want to Know How to Manage a Large Position? You Have Options

The larger a position gets, the more prone Paul Price is to hedge it a bit via covered-call sales. In a series of graphics, Price details his trades in one stock, in two of his personal IRAs and one margin account.

McMillan: China Faces Power Cuts Thanks to Aussie Coal Ban

Large swaths of China have been experiencing power cuts in recent weeks as a result of the decision by Beijing to ban imports of Australian coal, reports Alex Frew McMillan from Hong Kong.

Australia accounts for 57% of total coal imported into China. That helps generate 1.6% of all of China's power. But around 10% of the thermal coal used for power in the most-developed provinces comes from Australia, due to its quality.

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