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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Robinhood Stocks, EV Sector

Perplexed by this market and how to trade it? Here are five must reads from Jim Cramer, Rev Shark and the team at Real Money/Real Money Pro.

Second-quarter earnings season, speculative trading action, sector rotation, Covid-19 vaccine candidates, Robinhood traders, electric vehicle stocks…

There is no shortage of intriguing variables and opportunities playing out in the market right now and Real Money is breaking it all down and showing you how to trade it.

Here are five must-reads from the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium sites for Wall Street professionals and active investors.

Jim Cramer: If You're Buying These Stocks, You Need to Rethink Your Approach

One of the most notable characteristics of this market right now is the aggressive speculative trading taking place, fueled in part by new stock traders on Robinhood.

Jim Cramer has been all over this phenomenon from the beginning. In this Real Money piece, Cramer takes a look at Robinhood’s “leaderboard” of most traded stocks and provides some much-need wisdom on trading these stocks.

Rev Shark: The Right Strategies Can Help You Rack Up Big Gains in a Market Others May Fear

How do you approach and make money in a market that seems to be disconnected from the fundamentals - one where you can practically smell FOMO in the air?

In a recent column, Jim “Rev Shark" DePorre explains why aggressive trading is not inconsistent with a cautious market approach.

Rev Shark pens four trading columns a day on Real Money, where he’s been a regular fixture since 2001.

Kamich: Johnson & Johnson Is Poised (Again) for an Upside Breakout

In this market, Jim Cramer says winning stocks “stick out like a sore thumb.”

Real Money technical analyst Bruce Kamich takes a close look at one of those standout stocks, Johnson & Johnson  (JNJ) , which is also among a host of notable companies reporting earnings this week.

Tim Collins Interviews Ayro CEO Rod Keller on the Exploding EV Market

One of the hottest sectors driving the Nasdaq market's surge has been electric vehicles (EV). And nobody has been following this group closer than Real Money’s Tim Collins. 

Here, Collins interviews the CEO of Ayro (AYRO), which designs and manufactures purpose-built, automotive-grade, all-electric vehicles, targeting the low-speed electric vehicle market.

Price: Think Like an Owner, Not a Trader

Speaking of high-flying EV names, Real Money Pro’s Paul Price cautions not to be dazed by star stocks like Tesla  (TSLA) , and instead stop and think: What do you really get when you buy stock in a company?

Read this valuable column here, where you can find Price and Doug Kass every trading day.

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