Those were some big numbers coming in this week, right? The Nasdaq jumped 3.85% on Wednesday. Covid cases topped 102,000, breaking a daily record in the U.S. And then Apple  (AAPL) - Get Report and Amazon  (AMZN) - Get Report ... oh ... what? ... You were thinking about the election numbers -- the vote count?

Got it. 

But while you wait for the final tallies in Nevada, Georgia and those other grayed out states, you don't want to miss out on investment plays or fumble what you're trading right now. 

Helping guide you through the wild week are Real Money and Real Money Pro experts Jim Cramer, Helene Meisler, Tom Graff, Maleeha Bengali and James DePorre.

Cramer: Blue and Red Make Growth

Jim Cramer explains how the true winner at election time turned out to be growth. Why? If the votes (and they're still getting counted) give us a Republican Senate and a Democratic White House and House, it could be nirvana for growth.

Here's his take -- and stock ideas -- in time for the 2020 vote.

Meisler: We Got a Rally, but It Wasn't Pretty

Yes, the indexes were up on Wednesday -- while the presidential pick was still in limbo. You could even say the market donned its "MEGA cap" (as in mega-cap stocks). But there was some ugly action -- including sour breadth --underneath, explains Helene Meisler. 

This is what Meisler saw under the hood.

Graff: Avoid Emotional 'Bonds' With Politicians

As the count ticks on, Tom Graff gives his take on bonds, how he's investing now, and how he's reading into developing information about the election results. He also shares a piece of timeless advice: Don't let emotions cloud your money decisions.

Here's Graff's take.

Bengali: Look Away From the Elections....

Feeling a little deja vu? Just like in 2016, when the betting markets and polls  got it entirely wrong? Well, as we wait for the Election 2020 results, let's consider the markets and asset classes, writes Maleeha Bengali -- and let's focus on fundamentals. 

Here's her take on how the Treasury and credit markets are reacting to the election.

DePorre: Try a Different Game

There are lots of mistakes investors make. Many traders, for example, fail badly when they try to move into money management. You can't trade a smaller account the same way you trade a multi-million dollar account, writes Jim "Rev Shark" DePorre. 

Here, Rev Shark explains why playing the stock market isn't nearly as simple as it sounds.

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