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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer's Demand Plays, Sentiment and Silver

Must-reads from Jim Cramer, Helene Meisler, Paul Price and the Real Money/Real Money Pro team make sense of the market's big moves.
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It makes sense to focus on the immediate catastrophe that is the Covid-19 pandemic -- and the much-needed stimulus for hard-hit workers. 

But we must not forget to step back to see other trends, pricing mismatches and telling indicators.

For example, sentiment can inform us about the market's actions and potential trouble under the hood. Further out, we should consider inflation, and its rise can diminish some types of investments. 

Helping guide us through the market are Real Money and Real Money Pro experts Jim CramerPaul Price, Helene Meisler, Maleeha Bengali, and Tom Graff

Cramer: Demand Is Coiling Up

We’ve got a new 'pent up demand' bull market and it is just starting, says Cramer. This could move Boeing, the travel industry and lots of other companies and industries. 

Here's Cramer's take on how to position yourself once the gates open.

Meisler: It's Sentiment 101, Folks

Real Money's technical expert says she's now hard-pressed to find a sentiment indicator that's not extreme. In fact, Meisler says, we're at the point where everybody is the pool.

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Meisler tells us what that means for the market -- especially if breadths turns sour.

Price: Invest Like Your Future Depends on It

Think things are getting pricier? They are, says Price. Each dollar allows you to buy less and less. Just look at that 'half gallon' of ice cream in your freezer. So, he says, don't invest as if prices will stay the same down the road.

Here's how Price sees inflation hurting your investments. 

Bengali: I See a Silver Lining... 

If we look at the price of physical silver, it is trading at a stark premium over the paper market, says Bengali. And, she says, the paper market can be manipulated outside of the physical market. So, it has been right to be long gold and silver all throughout this year, and a lot of retail players are long.

Here's how she sees the mispriced cross-asset opportunity in precious metals.

Graff: Let's Get a Clear Signal on Treasury Yields 

Yields waved higher on Tuesday on manufacturing survey data and stimulus headlines, but we've been here before, says Graff, after the 10-year Treasury jumped 9 basis points higher in yield to 0.93%.

This is Graff's take on the move.

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