If you only read the headlines, you'd think two things were making the world go 'round this week: The drama following the U.S. election and news of Pfizer's  (PFE) - Get Report vaccine candidate.

And it's true, the vaccine news did shake up stocks -- and could change the picture for FAANG names, as Jim Cramer points out. The election, too, will no doubt have global repercussions.

But there's a whole, big world outside of those two issues. So, let's jet over to Brazil for investment opportunities, take a trip to the promising landscape of psychedelic meds, and check out an under-the-radar stock. 

Guiding us along the way are Real Money and Real Money Pro experts Jim CramerHelene Meisler, Jim CollinsPaul Price, and Debra Borchardt.

Cramer: If Covid Ends, Will FAANG Loose Teeth?

Before breaking down the future of FAANG names, says Cramer, we must analyze the vaccine situation. He also reminds readers that they will have to go through at least two earnings periods before arriving at any "potential promised land." But once a shot is available, what happens to stocks such as Facebook  (FB) - Get Report, Amazon  (AMZN) - Get Report, Alphabet  (GOOGL) - Get Report, and Netflix  (NFLX) - Get Report?

Cramer injects his perspective into the post-Covid investment picture

Meisler: This Still Ain't 2016

While it's unclear if Monday's big rally means a switch from growth to value, Meisler can tell you for sure that, as with political parties, these two groups cannot seem to get along. And, she can say that Monday's action shows the market outcome from the 2020 election is going to be quite different than the 2016 outcome.

Here's her take -- charts included

Price: Take a Bite Out of This Stock

Price shows how United Natural Foods (UNFI) - Get Report has been punished for a 2018 acquisition, but is now looking like a promising play.

Here he shows you a strategy for the name.

Borchardt: Psychedelics Are Having a Real Trip

We just saw some big moves in the psychedelic world including a positive study on psilocybin. The news of the week was so good that investors must be ... trippin'. 

Borchardt shows how the medicine could mushroom into the mainstream.

Jim Collins: Brazil Looks Good ... to China Inc.

Collins goes on location to tell readers about how Brazil's population of 210 million provides lots of investment opportunity -- for China and traders. The nation's big population, he says, plus the country's strategic location, make Brazil impossible to ignore.

Want in? Here's an exchange-traded fund idea and other opportunities

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