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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer's 'Biden Stocks', Investing 101, Inflation

Must-reads from Jim Cramer, Helene Meisler, Paul Price and the Real Money/Real Money Pro team make sense of the market's big moves.
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This week saw a change in presidents unlike any other since the Civil War era, says Jim Cramer. And with that change will come a shift in investing themes -- a move away from fossil fuels, toward favoring immigration and refraining from Tweet attacks on China.

But while politics once again grabbed the headlines, much is lurking under the surface of the markets -- and elsewhere. We have been seeing an inordinate number of new highs, chatter of an inflation trade and a year of Covid pass by.

Helping guide us through the news of the week and the market are Real Money and Real Money Pro experts Jim CramerHelene Meisler, Paul PriceMaleeha Bengali and Alex Frew McMillan.

Jim Cramer: Here Are the Biden Stocks

On Wednesday we saw a change in presidencies that were so opposite, they could only be compared with Abe Lincoln's and James Buchanan's in the mid-1800s, says Jim Cramer. This shift will now impact companies and themes going forward. 

Here's what Cramer sees as the stocks to own in a new administration

Meisler: New Highs Can Deceive

Did you notice the inordinate number of new highs recently? So did technical analyst Helene Meisler who dug under the surface to find out what was helping make the numbers look higher than they really were. (Here's a hint: It's SPACs.)

Read how special purpose acquisition companies can raise the tide.

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Price: Investment Principals 101

Real Money Pro columnist Paul Price walks readers through some basic, but key, principles of investing. Specifically, he looks at two- and three-standard deviation variances in both individual stock and industry group valuations. 

Discover how these deviations work and how Price applies them to his own investments

Bengali: Here's What to Expect to Find in Q1

We're seeing a path that's heading toward better economic growth, says Dubai-based columnist Maleeha Bengali. But, she says, it will be far from a straight line -- and it will be easy to get caught up in the inflation trade.

Read how to best approach inflation this year.

McMillan: A Virus-Plagued Rat Year Ends

Hong Kong-based columnist Alex Frew McMillan takes readers through lessons learned exactly a year after the novel coronavirus forced lockdowns in Asia and elsewhere.

Here's what Hong Kong endured, where it's come, and why it might be time to leave.

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