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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer on Monday's Rally; Investing Tools; NFTs

Must-reads from Jim Cramer, Timothy Collins, Helene Meisler and the Real Money/Real Money Pro team make sense of the market's big moves.
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We got the April rally -- and the rocket emojis and "stonks" quotes rang out for a day. 

That followed the hot jobs report on Friday and the continued good news about vaccines.

But now what? 

Earnings will land again soon and there's a lot moving under the hood. Let's check it all out with Real Money and Real Money Pro experts Jim Cramer, Paul Price, Timothy Collins, Helene Meisler and Tom Graff.  

Jim Cramer: The Economy Gets Its Booster Shot

Amid the vaccine rollout, we have low rates, money coming from the government to families, and a Fed committed to creating jobs, says Cramer, who looks at several sectors -- including FAANG -- to analyze the move on Monday. 

Cramer explains what it all means for investors.

Paul Price: Are You Using All Your Investment Tools?

Most people only use half their potential tools when investing in equities, says Price, a veteran Real Money Pro columnist. Why is that? Because they often don't understand, or use, all of the four tools available to them for creating wealth via equity ownership, he says. 

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Here, Price shows how to use what's in your toolbox. 

Timothy Collins: What the NFT!?

Columnist Timothy Collins explains why you've probably been looking at NFTs completely the wrong way. These non-divisible, unique, and non-interchangeable tokens are about more than just GIFs and JPEGs, he explains. 

This is how you should look at NFTs.

Helene Meisler: We've Got Rocket Emojis Again

Folks got all bulled up and cocky about it on Monday -- but what do the indicators say about the action? Technical analyst Helene Meisler dives into the statistics, sentiment readings and charts to get a fuller picture of what to make of Monday's move and what to expect.

Here's Meisler's take on the action. 

Tom Graff: Jobs Report and Rates

The Labor Department published the March employment report on Friday, and arguably this was the best jobs report we've seen since the pandemic's onset, says Graff, who writes about the Fed, rates and bonds for Real Money Pro. But while the report shows more fundamental strength and support the notion that a robust recovery is underway, there are some takeaways for investors. 

Graff gives his views on the report and what it means for rates.

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