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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer on Foolish Bears; Naked Put Writing

Here are five must reads from Jim Cramer, Paul Price, and the team at Real Money/Real Money Pro!
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Let's look at the many positive story lines out there -- which having nothing to do with the Fed -- and what they mean for investors.

Naked put writing isn't for everyone but it can be profitable.

Is Hong Kong safe for investors? An increasingly large number of Hong Kongers want to move away from the city, for good.

Charts are mediocre predictive devices, but they're great money management tools.

For some, equities remain overvalued in a market without memory from day to day.

It's all on Real Money right now.

Here are five must reads from the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium sites for Wall Street professionals and active investors:

Jim Cramer: The Bears Are Fooling Themselves

There's a thesis for pretty much everything, and that's a huge reason why the market hangs in there, even as so many big-time managers can't get comfortable with what they think is a Fed-engineered stock market recovery, writes Jim Cramer

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We often hear about "the bull case" and "the bear case", and, given that rates are so low, it is easy to say that the bear case is simply that one day the Fed will decide this must all end. But in the interim, the bears are fooling themselves, because there are so many positive story lines out there that have nothing to do with the Fed, and they will be hard to topple.

Paul Price: Going 'Naked' Can Be Fun... And Profitable

Naked put writing is not for everybody, but it can provide immediate income along with significant downside protection. 

Experienced options traders know that the February-May-August-November expiration months offer the least opportunities for making money. Fewer stocks are on that cycle for their initial expiration dates and LEAP (very long term) options area almost never end in any of those four months. That doesn't mean you can't make money with those options, there is simply less to choose from than in other months, says Paul Price.

Alex Frew McMillan: Is Hong Kong Safe for International Investors?

Is Hong Kong a viable place to invest, or for multinational companies to use as an Asian base? Having lived there for 20 years now, Alex Frew McMillan fears that it no longer is

Rev Shark: Charts Don't Predict the Future, But They Provide a Blueprint for Profits

Chart reading and technical analysis are generally viewed as a method to predict what a stock is likely to do in the future. Sometimes patterns work very well, and other times they don't, but even if charts do a poor job predicting the future, they are still the most powerful tool that a trader possesses, explains James "Rev Shark" DePorre.

Doug Kass: Here's Why This Market Is a Trading Sardine

From a trading perspective, the market has a slight upside bias after several recent successful tests. But fundamentally the market has a lot of downside risk, notes Doug Kass. When in such a conflict and conviction is blurry, he routinely approaches the markets two ways.


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