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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer on the Missing Workers, Bitcoin Setup

Here are five must reads from Jim Cramer, Ed Ponsi, and the team at Real Money/Real Money Pro!
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We must find out where all the workers have gone because no one seems to know.

Bitcoin is trading in an area of support which now makes a trade possible.

The market has moved back and forth between overbought and oversold and group rotation.

The influential pro-Democracy Hong Kong Apple Daily newspaper will reportedly close operations by this Saturday.

Inertia and inaction are suboptimal trading strategies.

It's all on Real Money right now.

Here are five must reads from the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium sites for Wall Street professionals and active investors:

Jim Cramer: Where Have All the Workers Gone?

What happened to them? asks Jim Cramer. This is THE question of the moment and we must find out because no one seems to know.

We do know that there are almost double the number of people who are looking for work and can be considered unemployed versus the months before the pandemic began yet the mismatch of workers is palpable and is causing havoc with just about every company in the U.S. The numbers are the ultimate conundrum. 

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Here are some theories.

Ed Ponsi: Bitcoin Is Setting Up as a Buy

Has Bitcoin finally pulled back to an area where it might be a buy? It appears we are now reaching an area where we can place a low-risk trade on the highly volatile digital currency, says Ed Ponsi.

Helene Meisler: Either/Or Market Rages On

For months the major indexes have traded in a sideways mode. But after last week's drubbing, has there been a change ? So far, there is not, observes Helene Meisler. The market has kept the either/or aspect intact. 

Meisler traces three charts to see where we might be headed next.

Alex McMillan: Hong Kong's Last Pro-Democracy Newspaper Faces Extinction

(Note: Parent company Next Digital announced Wednesday that the paper will close by this Saturday.)

Apple Daily, Hong Kong's most-popular newspaper, faces extinction this week after its staff were charged with violations of the much-loathed National Security Law in Hong Kong, writes Alex Frew McMillan. It would silence the loudest pro-democracy voice in the city, one that has provided important and critical coverage of the city, and mainland China. Its views and insights are highly influential among China watchers at home and abroad.

Rev Shark: Either Sell or Buy More

The biggest investing and trading mistake that people make is that they don't have a plan.  Their plan is to do nothing but wait until they are proven correct, explains James "Rev Shark" DePorre

The reason you develop a plan is because it forces you to act. You must address the situation and not ignore it.


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