Editor's note: "1994 Redux?" is a week-long series that examines the similarities between market conditions in 1994 and now. At both times, investors were challenged by extreme bearish sentiment and an aggressive Fed. In the following articles, James J. Cramer explains how the painful past can enlighten and inform difficult circumstances and decisions in the present. Enjoy!

1994 Redux: Shorting Isn't the Solution

It is tempting to bet against this market with all your might. But history offers a caution against doing so.

1994 Redux: The Source of the Pain

The trader compares what hurt most in 1994 to what makes the market wince today.

1994 Redux: Prudent, Not Sexy, Stocks Will Make You Money

The trader compares his long positions in 1994's bear market to his faves now.

1994 Redux: Beware of the Fed Meeting

Ahead of Greenspan's dictum, the trader recounts when a hellbent Fed raised rates ruthlessly.

That Dreaded Year: 1994

Now, as then, the Fed has been too easy. Now, as then, we have to pay for it.