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By Stockpickr Guest Columnist Glen Bradford

There are two reasons you should read this entire article:

1. You aren't a millionaire.

2. You could be.

It's time to update the list of stocks that are powering my portfolio -- the portfolio that has been paying my college tuition. I'm a value growth investor, meaning that I price the P/E ratio of companies based on how fast I expect them to grow. I only own those I expect to double over the next year.

I get the growth rates through fundamental seasonal analysis, and I read the news, blogs, company reports and so on to figure out if there's a reason for the stocks to slow down. If there's not, and I can reasonably illustrate that they are indeed on a role and for sale on the cheap, I roll out with the buy. I don't cover every stock, because I don't think it's in my interest to cover stocks that I can't predict.

Here's what I own in the order of percentage of holdings consumes, as well as a brief and honest description of each. Hint: My portfolio doesn't include a



, a



, a



or a



. It does include




The Andersons



For my 10 value growth stocks with analysis, please click here.

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