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Which Is Worse? A Government Shutdown or Hitting the Debt Ceiling

Give us 60 seconds and we'll tell you which is worse. Clearly, they both mean we really have to get our you-know-what together.

There's a big different between a government shutdown and hitting the limit on the debt ceiling limit. And let's just say that one of them is way worse.

Granted, they're both horrible.  They both mean the folks in Washington D.C. are over-spending and basically can't agree on much.

But that doesn't mean you can't educate yourself and protect your assets in the process.

Because the threats of both happening show up every few months, it's high-time you understand how it all affects you and your wallet.

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The biggest difference between a government shutdown and hitting the debt ceiling is in the cuts to discretionary versus mandatory spending. So watch our video to understand exactly what that means.

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Editors' Pick: Originally published January 18, 2018.