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What Is Port Wine? And Why You Should be Adding it to Your Holiday Menu

Everyone should be drinking more Port wine. It pairs perfectly with cheese and dessert, you can leave it open on your counter for weeks and where else can you get a 10-year-old wine for $20?

Drinking Port wine often conjures up images of an old man in a silk robe with an ascot, sitting in a big leather chair in front of the fire.

Well no more!  This is not your grandfather's drink! Tons of young people -- and women! -- are drinking port these days, says Leslie Sbrocco, wine author/consultant and my travel partner. Sbrocco and I actually went to Portugal to visit the Symington Family Estates to learn firsthand about Port. (And we learned that it's pretty fabulous!)

Plus it's the ideal accompaniment to your big fat brownie and the perfect thing to order if you haven't jumped on the scotch/bourbon train.

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Even better, it appreciates in value.  

So check out the video to learn more about one of the oldest wines available.

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