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Wendy's CEO Reveals Which Food Products Are Most Requested for Delivery

What's the future of Wendy's? Watch this video with Wendy's CEO and TheStreet's Brian Sozzi

Wendy's (WEN) has served up some meaty sales and profit gains under CEO Todd Penegor. So shareholders are happy -- they've seen a juicy 54% gain under Penegor's watch.

But what about the folks at home? Where's the delivery?!

McDonalds (MCD) is doing it. Domino's Pizza (DPZ) has been doing it for years and is now talking about delivery with autonomous cars.

So what's happening at Wendy's? Can we get a Frosty and fries delivered home already?

Let's just say they have partnered with DoorDash and will have about 1400 restaurants on board by year's end

What the video to find out if that Frosty will make it home cold.

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