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Video: 5 Things About Winter Storm Grayson and a 'Bomb Cyclone' You Need To Know

Winter Storm Grayson is walloping the east coast thanks to a 'bomb cyclone.' Watch our video to learn what that is and how to protect yourself during it.

The first storm of 2018, Winter Storm Grayson, was one of the heaviest one-day snowfalls on record in both Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina. And now it is moving up the east coast -- quickly!

And much of its speed is thanks to a "bomb cyclone." Watch our video to learn exactly what that is and how you can protect yourself and your belongings from one.  

Many areas are under a "state of emergency," so stay inside and be safe until it passes through.  It has the potential to do as much damage as a hurricane, with a mess of snow, sleet, freezing rain and whiteouts. So please don't risk it.

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