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2017- What a year! We got to spend time with so many of Wall Street's pros, and they had tons of advice to share.

So we put together a year-end round-up of some of the best investment clips we encountered.

Let's start with just being in the game. And we can't reiterate this enough. You have to be in the market to benefit from it.

Inertia -- especially with women -- prevents their portfolios from receiving the most fundamental benefit of compounding over the years.

Wall Street legend and Ellevest founder Sallie Krawcheck spoke with Alpha Rising about this in the video below, emphasizing that this is the biggest problem with women.

Granted, investing in the market can be intimidating and many people often assume they need chunks of money even to begin.

But Shark Tank StarKevin O'Leary created a great way around that -- and it only requires a few dollars.

His new app -- Beanstox, an app that allows users to invest in 1,000 stocks and over 100 exchange traded funds with as little as $50. So now there's no excuse because Beanstox lets you buy fractional shares of stocks. 

Listen to him explain.

So if you are not already in the get in the market, get in now. With the S&P 500 up almost 20% over the last five years, you easily can just buy a share and start to accumulate some wealth.

Because you don't want your hard-earned money sitting in a bank account these days when it could be earning more. 

"Saving is for losers," says financial author Robert Kiyosaki.  With interest rates hovering around a mere 1%, your money is stagnant.

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The wealthy figured this out long ago.

So if they don't have their money in the market, they put it in real estate, says Kiyosaki, who years ago, also wrote two books with President Trump.

And the wealthier investor can then use debt and taxes to make those acquisitions. Kiyosaki explains how in the video below.


But staying in the market can be just as lucrative.  Do your homework, pick good investments and make sure you can sleep at night.

And then if you decide to become a more active investor, start to search for inflection points, says Liz Ann Sonders, Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab (SCHW) - Get Charles Schwab Corporation Report .  These are the points in the market that could be good times to get in or out.

Listen in below to found out how to spot them.

And finally, to conclude our round-up: Our Holiday Gift to You! 14 of Jim Cramer's AAP Picks

So watch and learn.  And you know we are always here if you have questions or concerns.

Here's to a Happy Financially Successful 2018!

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