Podcast: How to Play the Italian Elections and Tariff Wars

We got on the phone with our London Bureau Chief Martin Baccardax to talk the Italian elections, the affect of the potential tariffs and how Jim Cramer thinks you should play it all.
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There is a lot happening overseas and all of it can affect your portfolio.

so we quickly got our London Bureau Chief Martin Baccardax on the phone to get a real inside view on how this will affect your money.

We talked about the Italian elections, what happens next now that the Five Star Movement, started by a comedian and blogger, is gaining more power and whether they're a reflection of the state of policitics here in the States. 

We also tackled the tariffs.  Will they go through? Who are they really good for? And most importantly, how does it all affect your portfolio?

Listen in to the clip above to hear Cramer's take on it all then listen to the full podcast for the whole conversation.

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