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Mad About Options: GE Sends Sparks (Video)

Jud Pyle and Matt Buckley review Jim Cramer's recent bullish comments about

General Electric

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and offer options strategies for traders and investors. The Mad About Options crew also breaks down options ideas for


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Dykstra: You Gotta Believe!


Last week

Jul. 21-25, we racked up some monster wins. However, they required some intestinal fortitude.

Essentially, my system calls for adding to positions that are sinking in order to lower the average entry price of a pick. By doing so, it allows me

Lenny Dykstra to lower my good-till-cancel (GTC) sale price. When the option bounces, I can grab a quick victory.

I've written about staying patient before -- having nerves of steel -- but that is sometimes easier than it sounds for those that are new to my system.

In my May 14 column, I suggested that readers purchase 10 January $30 (MSAF) calls of

Morgan Stanley

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. The pick required an initial investment of $17,600. The investment bank then proceeded to fall further.

We hit a rebuy level. We added 10 more contracts, this time investing a total of $17,200 more. The stock continued to fall. We hit another rebuy level, this time putting down another $14,000.

When all was said and done, we had 13 rebuys and more than $150,000 locked into this position -- a hefty sum for many investors. I got emails from many readers asking whether it was time to bail; they thought Morgan was too deep underwater and it was time to cut and run. They got nervous about the investment dollars laid down. This is where faith in the system comes into play.

We know Morgan Stanley is a good company. I outlined my reasoning in the May 14 column. That reasoning still holds true -- nothing had dramatically changed to alter that reasoning. We knew Morgan Stanley was not going anywhere and that it was just being unfairly punished by the operators on Wall Street. If anyone bailed on this pick, they missed out on a big payday. Morgan Stanley came around last week for a $13,860 win.

I pick options that give me plenty of time to grab a win. With Morgan, I had all the way until January if I needed it.

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Dykstra: Attention All Detractors


I first picked


(C) - Get Report

(Jan $20 calls) in a free column that was posted on

on May 20. The stock went down and we needed to average down (or rebuy) six additional times, giving us a total of 70 contracts. We lowered our average entry price to $2.40. In all, we committed $16,800 to the position. But it was well worth it ... $7,150 worth it. Yesterday

Jul. 23, Citigroup moved into the win column.

Citigroup was a great play. Some of my picks require an initial investment of more than $16,800. Citigroup required that much only after several rebuys. Look at the profit compared to the investment plunked down.

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